School prospectus

Finding out more

Our school prospectus provides families and prospective students with information specific to our school, our curriculum, academic standards, facilities and our vision.

Once you have looked at our school prospectus you may still have questions relating to your son/daughters' admission to our school, the 'Registration of Interest' section will ask for some simple family information and provide you access to our appointment portal and from here you contact us.

Scheduling a tour of the school and an informal admission appointment can be done through this portal, we have outlined appointment dates and times in which we are available to discuss your individual family needs.  

The Open Day and Information Evening are for an ideal opportunity to visit the school yourself.   The Open Day is for everyone;  experience a few hours as a Rijnlands' student with science experiments, short lessons and meet some of our students.   The Information Evening is just for parents, we inform you about the general school organisation and the specifics of our MYP and DP curriculum.

We welcome prospective families and students visiting our school.   However, we ask that you 'Schedule a tour'.