Financial information

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

Dutch International Secondary Schools (DISS) are spread throughout The Netherlands. They are partly funded by the Dutch government thus offering affordable school fees, ISRLO is one such a school.   As a result of our funding status we are unable to offer bursary or multiple student savings, the costs represented in our terms and conditions are those which the parent or company is responsible.   Our schools' terms and conditions of enrolment are updated annually.

We have our own financial portal which, once your son or daughter is accepted to our school, you will receive access to.  This link offers full visibility of invoices, statements and your own financial transactions.

Once a year we ask you to indicate your intention to re-register and choose which option is the most suitable for you regarding payment of school fees, these options are currently:

    Payment can be made as follows:

  • In full (100%) before  2 July 2018 by either IDEAL or bank payment

  • Instalment Payments: payment by TWO or FOUR  instalments by automatic debit/ bank payment or IDEAL only when the method of payment form is signed and returned to the finance office. 

  • First instalment: 4 June (50%), Second instalment: 1 October  (50%)
  • First Instalment: 4 June  (25%), Second Instalment: 1 October (25%) Third Instalment: 26 November  (25%), Fourth Instalment: 29 January 2019 (25%)

 No other method of payment is available.   Full and complete payment of school fees must be paid by 29 January 2019.

Breakdown of costs:

  • Middle Years Programme (11+)  - MP1 - MP5 annual school fees 6500 euros
    • MP5 only - IBO e-Assessment charges: 450 euros
    • MP4 only - Language trip - 750 euros
  • Diploma Programme (16+) - DP1 - DP2 annual school fees 7500 euros
    • DP1 Cultural trip - 750 euros
    • DP1 Field trip - 175 euros

The first year of registration requires payment an additional of:

  • Registration fee: 300 euros
  • Book fund deposit: 500 euro - returnable when the student leaves subject to return of books

A copy of this years' Terms and Conditions of Enrolment are available here