Welcome to the International School Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest in The Netherlands

Applications for academic year 2020-21

For all applications, please note that we are already oversubscribed for the years MYP2, MYP3, MYP4 and DP1 and cannot guarantee a place until mid-April following our re-registration process.

Waiting lists: Families placed on the waiting list will be informed, regularly updated and advised when a place becomes available.

A non-refundable registration fee of 300 euros will be charged when an application is received.

For academic year 2021-22: 

We are accepting applications but will not review them until September 2020, now is the time to ensure that everything for your future application is complete and ready!

Our Admissions team

Our admissions team consists of the head, international department, MYP and DP team leaders, careers counsellor and school admissions administrator. This group reviews all students applications.  

We do not consider a telephone call, an email or a conversation as an application.
  Students are only `Applied` when all documentation is completed in Open Apply. Only then will the application be reviewed.

The aim of the admission team is to support prospective students and their families in the application process and provide general information relating to the International School.

We consider the following points when new students apply to the school:

  •  academic suitability of the applicant based upon their academic record and information given at interview.
  •  a positive review/feedback from the applicants' previous schools.
  •  appropriate subject choices (including language)
  •  a positive attitude toward school life.

At Rijnlands we recognise the importance of each individual member of our school community.   Our aim to is to provide accurate information about our education programmes, our school culture and environment.   We will read the information you have provided  us with , try to understand the nature of your relocation, your families' needs then decide .


Admissions process

Application to our school can only be through Open Apply.  Once an application has been completed, you will receive an automated receipt.   We will not process incomplete applications,  but  you will receive regular reminders that the application needs more documentation.  

We will keep you informed every step of the way through to enrolment.   If your timeline or information changes during the admissions process please update your own family's account to reflect these changes.


If you have any questions, please email us:  admission@rijnlandslyceum-rlo.nl 

Karen Roest