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International School Admissions

Welcome to the International School Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest in The Netherlands.  

Admissions for 2017-18

We are no longer considering applications for 2017-18, beginning August 2017 beyond the younger years of MP1, MP2 and MP3 aged students. 

Please do not submit an application or registration of interest for any other age range .    No other spaces are available and we have waiting lists for each class..

Admissions office

Our admissions office operates in close consultation with the head of school, team leaders, careers counsellor and school administrator creating an 'admissions team', this group reviews all students application.  

We do not consider a telephone call, an email or a conversation as an application. 
  Students are only `Applied` when all documentation is complete on Open Apply, this is the responsibility of the parents.

The aim of the admission office is to support prospective students and their families with application and general information relating to the International School.

We consider the following points when new students apply to the school:

  •  assess academic suitability of the applicant based upon their academic record and information given at interview.
  •  a positive review/feedback from the applicants previous schools.
  •  appropriate subject (including language) courses available.
  •  a positive attitude toward studies and school rules.

At Rijnlands we recognise the importance of each individual member of the school community and therefore aim to avoid becoming an impersonal institution that leaves little room for interaction between staff, students and parents.  

Admissions process

Application to our school is made through our school Open Apply site, we will no longer accept paper applications.    Once a completed application has been made, you will receive an automated receipt.   We will not process any incomplete applications however, you will receive regular reminders that the application remains unfinished.   We will review application on a weekly basis and keep in contact with you every step of the way to enrolment.

If you timeline or information changes, please update your own families account to reflect these changes.

If you have any questions please email the admissions office.